Wagon Wheel Trail Run
Lake Frederick

Directions to Lake Frederick

Lake Frederick is Located 5 miles East of Manitou OK, off of highway 183.   Look for Signage on the day of the Race.

Lake Frederick information: Please visit: http://www.frederickokchamber.org/lake.html

     Frederick is a great base town, offering lodging, supplies and pre and post run snacks.  More Frederick information can be found on the Chamber Website at:


5 K Race Route (updating)


14 K Route Map (coming soon)

Trail Runing Tips



The race course follows part of a 5.7 mile singletrack mountain bike loop on the west side of Lake Frederick. For the 5K it will be a 6 foot wide mowed path marked with colored flags/ribbon. We've done our best to make it as easy to follow as possible, with the trail plainly marked and potentially confusing areas blocked off. The actual race-day course will be slightly longer than this, but will include all of the trail described here.

The trail is rocky in most places with lots of ups and downs (for Southwest Oklahoma), but has no big climbs. If you're in reasonably decent health you can at least walk this course. The main thing to look out for is cactus, which there is in abundance. The trail itself is generally clear of it, since it's mowed, but if you get off the trail you'll likely run into some.


The new 14K race is a loop that includes the 5K course plus an additional 9K to the north. It is an all dirt mix of singletrack, doubletrack and "ranch" style roads. It's not technical, but the varied terrain and mixture of short climbs and speedy flats should make it interesting even to the experienced trail runner. As with the 5K, it will be mowed and plainly marked.

If it happens to be wet, we strongly advise wearing some kind of trail shoe since the clay soil in the area gets very muddy and slippery.


5K-There will be an Aid Station at the halfway point if you need a drink, snack or short break. It is located next to a vehicular road so, in case of emergency, medical personnel can get in and out of there quickly.


Due to the cactus, erosion concerns and fairness, we insist that you stay on the established trail at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. On the majority of the trail there is plenty of room to pass another competitor if it's needed.



-Trail running is not just road running on dirt. There's a new set of skills involved and even your muscles are used differently.

-Don't be afraid to "hike" the race (that sounds better than walk). This course may seem technical to beginners, and most of you are only competing against yourselves, so slow down and enjoy it safely. Even experienced trail runners have to "hike" occasionally.

-Many trail runners find it's better to walk the uphill sections and run the flats and downhills. They find it conserves energy without hurting their time too much. Don't get too excited on your descents, though; these are where most accidents occur. Stay in control.

-If you run, take shorter strides than you would on the road. It's more efficient on the uphill sections and safer on the downhills.

-Don't keep your eyes solely focused on your feet. While an occasional glance at your footing is fine, try to focus a few feet or yards down the trail so you'll know what's coming and be ready for it.

-If you're not able to train on the course at Lake Frederick, practice running or hiking on unpaved roads at least some of the time. If you can, train on dirt roads or mowed ditches adjacent to paved roads. Golf courses are good, too. Ranch roads through pastures are even better. In the Wichita Mountains, Burma Road is a great place to train because it's got lots of rocks and hills but isn't technical. It begins at the Cache Gate and runs west along the south boundary to the Indiahoma Gate.

-Footwear: You don't need to run out and buy a specific shoe for this race (unless you're a shoe junkie, then go ahead). If it's dry, most running, hiking or walking shoes will be fine. If you have a choice, go with a more protective, sturdier shoe over a minimal, lightweight shoe for this course.

If it's wet, be prepared. Things will be different and a football cleat wouldn't be inappropriate.